Stat 565


Due March 10th in class

You will be assigned a team in Week 7. The topic of your project is entirely up to your team, but very generally should either: apply the concepts covered in class to the analysis of a real data set, investigate the properties of something covered (or not covered) in class using simulation, or you should learn and then teach a topic beyond those covered in class.

Three examples from a previous year:

Note that these were individual projects, I expect a little more content from a team of 3-5. (In case you are curious, I also dug out my Time Series class project from my 2nd year in grad school NiwaReport.pdf)

Your individual project score will be a your team’s project score weighted individually by your team’s evaluation of your team citizenship. Team citizenship will be evaluated based on peer evaluations submitted at the end of the project. Being a good team citizen isn’t about making the biggest contribution, it’s about showing up when you have agreed to show up, doing what you agree to do, and communicating with your team as soon as any problems or hurdles arise.


Due Thursday Feb 25th in class

One per group, no more than one page. Include all team members names on the proposal.

Tell me what you plan on doing and how you plan to present it. If it’s an analysis describe the data and question of interest, and your tentative approach. If it’s a simulation study, what are you planning to invesitgate and under what scenarios. If it’s a new topic include references you plan to use, and an idea for an example.

Final Project

Due Thursday March 10th in class

Written reports should be strictly less than 10 pages (i.e. 5 double sided). (R code goes in an Appendix not included in page count).

Each team member should also hand in a peer evaluation form, folded in half to keep their response private.

The format of the deliverable is negotiable. Talk to me if your team would prefer to submit something other than a written report.